Dale on the Issues

A Real Problem Solver – Real Representation

Dale has been married for 43 years, raised a family, worked in the real world for decades, and stands by his convictions. Send a trustworthy and honest guy to represent YOUR interests in Michigan’s Legislature.

Dale is committed to representing the 31st House District on all issues. A few of his key issues include the following:


Dale comes from a family, and community of farmers. Large portions of productive farmland are being swallowed up by energy special interest, and developers such as solar companies. He contends that solar energy production is feasible, but must be located in places that are not detrimental to agriculture. Agriculture and food security are key concerns for the 31st District, and therefore they are key concerns for Dale.

Law and Order

Dale remains committed to working for  safer communities for all Michiganders. This means listening to the concerns of  law enforcement advocates, and promoting legislation that keeps them adequately funded. You can be assured that Dale Biniecki will never defund the Police. Restoring resources, and improving respect for law enforcement will be one of Dale’s legislative goals.

Michigan’s role as a border state is crucial to our state, and national security. If elected, Dale will uphold legislation in alignment with national immigration policy by saying “no” to sanctuary cities in Michigan, and “no” to illegal immigration.

The southern border is in a state of crisis and thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the border every day, we must take steps to secure our state. Dale will support legislation that cracks down on the fentanyl smugglers and sanctuary cities. 


Our school system is failing, Michigan is constantly ranked in the bottom third of education systems in the United States. The problem is bigger than just more funding. From traditional education, and homeschooling, to Career Technical Education, and STEM, Dale Biniecki supports successful outcomes for every student. At the core of student success is a parent’s ability to be the gatekeepers for their child’s curriculum. Parental advocacy and input is important for a student to thrive. 


As a 47 year owner-operator truck driver, Dale Biniecki knows well the importance of improving Michigan’s infrastructure. He comes to the table with real solutions that are also cost effective to the Michigan taxpayer. Who better to “fix the damn roads”, and serve on Michigan’s Transportation Committee than a truck driver who drove them for decades?! If you send Dale to Lansing,  he will make Michigan’s roads and infrastructure a top priority.

Local Control

Democrats passed legislation to allow 260 thousand acres of Michigan farmland to be used for solar panels. The legislation takes away the power of local officials to have a say on the installation of solar panels. This legislation puts the power in the hands of unelected bureaucrats in Lansing. Dale understands that District 31 is mostly rural and the local government should have the final say not unelected Lansing bureaucrats!