Dale Biniecki

A Real Problem Solver – Real Representation

Dale Biniecki is about impressive as they come and is what we need in Lansing.

Authentic. Genuine. Integrity. Dignity.

Dale is the kind of guy we wish all Representatives are like. He believes everyone deserves dignity and respect even if they have a different opinion. But he will fight for what he believes in and will fight for us too!



Dale has been married for 43 years, is the proud father of three kids, and grandfather of four. He enjoys volunteering in 4H, and serving with the local Republican Party. He finds joy in farming, gardening, and serving his community!

“If I am elected to serve, I will fiercely protect our children. As the gatekeepers of our families, we can and must do better for our children’s futures!”



Dale spent 47 years as an owner-operator. Since retiring, he has continued to stay on the road as a transportation caretaker for a nursing home, and a truck driver for local famers. He loves to stay moving, and serve where needed!

“I imagine a day when our roads are safer for Michigan drivers. As a Republican, and former Teamster Union member, I am uniquely positioned to offer perspective on this issue. From jobs, to Michigan’s infrastructure, I will be your voice for common sense solutions to real world problems.”




Dale has been an active member of the Monroe Country Republican Party for 10 years. After a life-threatening accident that left him with a fractured spine in four places, and 5 broken ribs, Dale turned to his faith and his community to find healing. It was this same faith and community that gave him the courage to run for office.

“Everyone deserves to be valued and respected. If elected, I will restore dignity to my constituents by hosting frequent coffee hours to hear the concerns of the 31st House District. My community has given so much to me, and it is my time to give back “

why choose Dale

Real Represenation from a Real Guy! Dale has raised a family, worked in the real world for decades, and stands by his convictions. Send a trustworthy and honest guy to represent YOUR interests in Michigan’s Legislature.